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Yoga and Music

¨Yoga starts with listening. When we listen we create space¨.

~Richard Freeman

The entire universe is in constant vibration and therefore produces sound. Galaxies, planets, and stars produce subtle hums. All of our molecules, cells and organs vibrate generating a silent pulse of perfect rhythm.

Sound affects us on a physical, mental and emotional level. It is capable of reaching the deepest layers of the body and resonating in every cell and molecule of our being. For this reason, combining Yoga with other musical expressions is an effective way to synchronize with our breath and thereby reach a higher state of consciousness.

Since it is a form of energy, sound is experienced on a physical level as audible energy. Sound as energy medicine arises by creating a bridge between the intention and its physical manifestation.

This creative and intelligent force not only serves for the brain to enter a state of consciousness known as Alpha waves (between 8 and 13 Hertz), in which concentration, calm and creativity take place, and which occurs during periods rest, relaxation and meditation; but it can even lead to a deeper state, closer to the Theta state (between 4 and 7 Hertz), which is the one of deep relaxation, in which visions or eidetic images can be generated. The specific sound frequencies of singing bowls or crystal bowls can lead to this state.

We use sound to achieve focus, relaxation and creativity, and in this way transform states of consciousness. With music, sound and all the original vibrations, coherence between heart and mind is achieved. Likewise, music calms the analytical mind from fluctuating thoughts, so that the internal energy field is not blocked and a connection with the spirit can be achieved.

Combining music, yoga, sounds and the vibrations generated by bowls and other instruments, you can enrich the wonderful journey inwards and even heal, since "sound is an energetic nutrient that stimulates and improves the entire internal energy system". (Joshua Goldman & Alec W. Smith, ¨Sound Healing for Beginners. Using Vibrations to Harmonize Your Health and Wellness¨)

The way we act and shape our body has a vibrational result. In the practice of asanas or yoga postures, each of these is like a sound or letter of an alphabet, each letter produces a unique sound vibration, so each asana vibrates at a particular frequency. When the poses are performed in sequence, a mystical language of beautiful phrases or sutras is produced.

When there is an energetic imbalance, diseases manifest, which means that parts of the body begin to vibrate outside their natural frequencies. Music (organized sound) is used as a therapy tool, because it makes it possible to return these dissonant vibrations to their natural frequencies, thus restoring the total harmony of the body.

With Yoga and Music we "re-learn to listen". The attentive listening that we achieve through the meditation in movement that makes up the practice of asanas, leads us to the connection with our inner being.

By delving deeply into this practice and redefining our attitude towards listening, we understand that music connects us much more with ourselves and with others.

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