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We Sweat!

“Never too late, never too old, never too sick to start all over again”.

~Bishnu Charan Ghosh

We sit in silence in a meditation pose to start the practice. Immediately we begin to feel the first drops of sweat running down our necks and backs. The high temperature of the room produces the kind of heat that embraces us, and slowly we begin to feel it in our core. With eyes closed we perceive the warmth entering our nostrils and our body begins to adapt.

The heating panels located in the ceiling, the mirror we focus on, the double air-tight sealed window, and the soundproof door, makes this the perfect place to initiate the moving meditation practice.

We practice Bikram here, a traditional hot yoga style, as well as other hot yoga styles inspired by it.

The importance of this form of yoga, and of its great benefits, is that it comes from traditional Hatha Yoga, which utilizes physical techniques to preserve and channel energy or vital force. Since it consist of a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises (performed under 40 degrees centigrade and a humidity of 40%), it gathers the most important and effective techniques in order to preserve, improve and maintain an optimal state of health. Which is the state in which mind, body and spirit are in harmony and balance.

This type por yoga helps the body stretch completely while it sweats, relieving stress, joint pain and muscle contractions. Also, it improves sleep, balances the endocrine system, develops muscle tone, stimulates and strengthen the inmune system, improves breathing, calms the nervous system, reduces blood pressure, improves resistance and cardiovascular capacity.

Doing yoga under these conditions does not have any secondary effects as some people mistakenly think, on the contrary, on top of the health benefits already mentioned, it adjusts the entire body, avoiding even the viral diseases that we currently suffer from. Heat immediately kills of any type of virus!

Bikram yoga was born in India and it became popular at the beginning of the 70´s. It’s founder, Bikram Choudhoury systematized it following his master´s teachings, Bishnu Charan Ghosh, a bodybuilder, Hatha Yogui and brother of Paramahansa Yogananda (author of the Autobiography of a Yogui). This way, he significantly influenced the development of modern yoga.

Therefore, anyone who has studied yoga tradition and practiced Bikram Yoga, is able to comprehend its profundity and perfect structure.

Nevertheless, a lot of people question its validity and importance in the physical, mental and spiritual realms. Yoga does not belong to anybody and it is a practice that comes from an ancient tradition, so its physical and mental benefits are undeniable. That is why is it extremely necessary to separate Bikram, the human being, from the practice of Bikram Yoga. Bikram Choudhoury adapted with efficiency and intelligence a traditional style of yoga to the West, replicating the exact tradition as well as the weather conditions in India, and in the same way his teacher taught him. That´s more than enough to be acknowledged. The mistakes he comited as a human being don’t have anything to do with yoga, and can not be confused with the practice that we do today.

The problem is that we often tend to idealize ´Yogis´ and believe that they are perfect beings when in reality they are human beings full of imperfections just like all of us. A true yogi is a person who is on the path of liberation and someone who must try hard to attain it, but also someone who can just as easily deviate and fall.

Our job is to take the example of those who have fallen so as not to repeat the same mistakes. By practicing Bikram as well as any other style of yoga, we are committing ourselves to grow and become better versions of ourselves, as well as to be brave enough to always be present and authentic both in our practice and in life itself.

This is the philosophy at SMASH HOT YOGA. People who come to practice at our studio can surely identify that in the teachers and in the entire staff. Our classes are the genuine expression of who we are as we share our knowledge from the heart.

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