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Vinyasa-Kirtan Yoga

In the contemporary world, Vinyasa Yoga practices are common. Vinyasa is a dynamic style that includes movements between traditional yoga postures in conjunction with conscious breathing; The word vinyasa means precisely “the synchrony between movement and breathing".

On the contrary, Kirtan Yoga is not very well known despite being a method of meditation practiced since immemorial times. Kirtan means chanting of sacred mantras or transcendental sounds and is considered a practice to purify the heart and mind, helping to awaken and cultivate inherent wisdom and spiritual love.

It is made up of “call and response” songs (the teacher pronounces a verse and the students repeat it). Through simple and evocative melodies, these repetitive songs flood our nervous system with positive energy. The repetition of the mantras calms ideas and frees the mind from discursive thought.

The combination of Vinyasa Yoga and Kirtan Yoga guided by Elisa Trujillo, our new teacher at Smash, consists of a dynamic Vinyasa practice of approximately 40 minutes that seeks to unlock and mobilize the three energy centers (chakras) located in the lower part of the spine, through work with balance postures, then flexions and extensions are performed to activate the heart chakra located in the sternum area. The remaining 20 minutes of class are directed towards the chanting of a specific mantra, to connect with a more internal and spiritual aspect of yoga, which moves away from physical practice and unblocks the energy center of the throat, improving the way we communicate with the environment.

In this class we meditate through the singing of mantras, which, being in Sanskrit, have a vibration capable of reaching all the cells of our body to revitalize them and lead us towards a higher state of consciousness. Elisa (instructor dedicated to Hatha, Ashtanga and Bhakti yoga) masterfully leads us, every Monday at 8am, from the physical to a more meditative practice through her passion for singing, which immediately connects us with our inner being. Using different instruments such as guitar, maracas and hand pan drums, she manages to relax our bodies and focus our minds. So we can greatly enjoy this experience of yoga and sound.

By regularly immersing our hearts and minds in Kirtan, our path in life can be illuminated and we can express ourselves clearly in our relationships with others. We also learn to handle the setbacks and challenges that life throws at us. Kirtan practice not only helps to relieve stress and anxiety, it also awakens and cultivates the innate wisdom, happiness and spiritual love that lies within us. In this way, by gradually purifying the heart and mind, we can discover and experience our true identity and life purpose.

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