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Strength and Flexibility

The better you understand how the body moves and the functions that the joints, bones and ligaments play when practicing yoga, the easier it will be to improve the execution of the postures (asanas) to maintain awareness of breathing, achieve fluidity and meditation in movement.

This is what we aim to achieve in our Strength and Flexibility classes at Smash Hot Yoga. The principles of biomechanics put into practice in this class are fundamental tools when performing other styles of yoga, since these require a more acute sense of awareness.

By strength we not only refer to the power that is developed in the physical body to support or balance ourselves on arms or legs, but also to the inner sense of vitality that develops with constant practice. Likewise, by flexibility we can understand both the capacity that our body develops to bend, contract and expand easily, as well as the ability to adapt to different situations or proposals from others.

By adding this class to our yoga practice, we will feel stronger, we will improve our flexibility and therefore our entire body will have a greater range of motion. Very important aspects if we want to stay healthy and injury-free, in addition to accelerating recovery time between intense yoga practices, or other types of physical training.

Thinking that "lack of flexibility" or "lack of strength" are reasons not to begin practicing yoga is incorrect, since as our teacher Elodie states: "Here we work progressively so that each person finds the best version of themselves¨.

Let's remember that we do yoga precisely with the objective of balancing what we must improve individually: breathing, mental state, strength, flexibility, weight or any weakness or skill.

With a strong and flexible body we develop a firm, stable and resilient mind to overcome any adversity in life.

We hope to see you on Fridays at 10am!

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