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Smash Hot Yoga Anniversary

On September 11th, 2022, Smash Hot Yoga took its first breath. The walls and the cement floor had begun to form months before, when only the spaces for the bathrooms, the massage room, the small room and the large room were visible, this last one in which the mirrors and the heating system would later be installed.

During the inauguration the heart of the studio began to beat more intensely. The breathing of all the attendees gave life to this place that now welcomes us day after day. Here we move together rhythmically, in sync with every inhalation and exhalation. Through this act of exchanging air molecules, we interact with the world and create a new way of living, based on the universal pulsation of our origin, the same one that forms the basis of the world in which we live.

The dream of building a yoga studio dedicated to Bikram in Medellín, in addition to other styles of yoga practised in the heat, came true.

We are no longer the same as a year ago, we have made progress in our personal goals and we have grown as a group, but our practice remains firm. It continues with the purpose of making the body and mind more flexible, regulating the circulatory system, strengthening the respiratory system to achieve an optimal state of health, but above all, transforming ourselves into better human beings.

Today, after a great cycle of experiences in Smash Hot Yoga, we vibrate higher in our classes, expanding energy to attract everyone interested in learning this life practice. We have managed to build a community that inspires us to continue working to improve in all aspects.

With great joy we want to invite you to celebrate Smash Hot Yoga‘s first birthday. We hope to see you!


Saturday, September 2nd

Ashtanga workshop (10am)

Saturday September 9th, Sunday September 10th and Monday September 11th

Weekend of promotions. Visit us to learn about the discounts on all our plans.

Saturday, September 16th

Love and Friendship Workshop (2x1) (9am)

Sunday, September 17th

Special class for founding members (9am)

Saturday, September 30th

Spiritual Yoga Flow (special class with Brunch) (9am)

*Write to us for more details

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