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Quiro-Thai Massage

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Nowadays, among the alternative therapies that we consider essential to optimize the health of the body, mind and spirit, there is ¨Quiro-Thai¨ massage, one of the specialties at Smash Hot Yoga. It is a mix between Thai massage and Chiropractic.

Thai massage, Thai yoga massage or Thai yoga therapy, is influenced by traditional Indian, Chinese and Thai medicine. It is a dynamic massage, which its constant movement allows you to release tension and reach a state of deep relaxation. It uses different yoga stretches to massage the energy channels, promoting the flow of the body's natural circulation and its healing potential. In addition to increasing the range of motion in joints and muscles, this type of massage also prevents bone degeneration, eliminates stress, treats back pain, and contributes to psychological well-being. As a form of physiotherapy, it improves circulation, increases flexibility and tones muscles.

On the other hand, chiropractic is used to treat disorders and irregularities of the musculoskeletal system. It involves the manipulation of the spine, soft tissues, and joints. A chiropractic adjustment is presented as a natural alternative for pain treatment. It is used regularly to treat low back pain, neck pain, headaches, osteoarthritis, spinal disc disorders, and any kind of pain from neurological origin.

This integration of chiropractic adjustments and Thai massage is a must-experience for all those seeking to improve overall health. We can try the Quiro-Thai massage at Smash Hot Yoga`s facilities.

Wearing comfortable clothes we sit on the floor, on a special soft mattress, in a dimly lit room previously prepared with essences and sounds that invite us to fall into a deep relaxation state, we close our eyes and synchronize our breathing with the movements and subtle touches of Dhayana, one of our masseuses, immediately our body becomes light and we enter a type of meditation.

She uses her hands to apply controlled force to the spine and other specific areas where there may be nerve interference, and with her knowledge of yoga and Thai massage, she uses specific stretching techniques to relax stiff areas of the body and increase mobility. When bending forward, backward, laterally and performing twists, the flow of oxygen, blood and energy increases to some areas of the body, unblocking certain areas in need of healing, therefore pain can be generated in some parts, and afterwards -when they begin to relax- they receive a strong therapeutic benefit.

Dhayana Perdomo has been practicing Thai massage for 6 years and chiropractic for 2 years, with the latter she was able to answer her questions about the joint system or skeletal muscle and thus complement her extensive knowledge of Thai massage. This is why when giving a massage, Dhyana looks at the individual as a whole, taking into account not only the body, but also the mind and spirit. Using her own words: ¨it is not only a shoulder or a hip that must be massaged, it is the whole body and all bodies¨.

Breathing is her main guide. Synchronized with ours, it is the map that tells her when to work deeper, makes her aware of the pain, fear, comfort or discomfort. In this way, she manages to take us to a state of relaxation required to be able to deepen, reset and direct new information to the receptors of the muscle fibers.

Our masseuse takes the time to scan the entire body and that is why her sessions do not last less than an hour. When we leave we feel revitalized, with a new body and a fresh mind; and that's when we understand what the meaning of ¨true rest¨ is. Dhayana's hands transform us and help us rediscover our body and the real state of well-being. Through touch we release emotional baggage, so it is also a transcendental experience, a journey of self-knowledge.

At Smash we provide alternative therapies like this, essential to maintain the optimal health of the body. Along with yoga, we offer various ways of natural care. When starting from the physical body we able to heal the mind and spirit as well.

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