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Iron Yoga is a practice based on Power Yoga but incorporates the use of weights or light dumbbells (3 or 5 pounds). Its essence is the correlation between weight training - a discipline that requires the connection between mind and muscle - and yoga - an art that connects mind, body and spirit.

Iron Yoga is a challenging and intense workout that works the entire body. While performing yoga postures, a series of specific exercises for the upper part of the body are done, thus toning both legs, chest, arms and shoulders.

In addition to toning muscles, this practice increases flexibility and range of motion, develops concentration, strengthens the respiratory system, increases physical strength and creates symmetry in the body, eliminating fatigue and rejuvenating the entire body.

Through focused attention, what we call here "mind-muscle connection", it is possible to activate the entire body, from the conscious act of feeling the muscles working with extra weight and by covering its full range of motion.

Weights not only help bring awareness to the muscles to achieve activation, they also help develop a greater sense of balance, coordination, and body-mental harmony.

Together with Power Yoga (its older sister), this class achieves the perfect balance between relaxation and effort through heat, fluid movements between postures, focused attention (drishti) and the activation or contraction of certain areas to activate or make the energy flow in a specific way (bandhas). Likewise, deep and complete breathing (pranayama) strengthens the diaphragm and vital organs.

We hope to see you every Tuesday at 8am at Iron Yoga; on Mondays (6am) and Thursdays (8am) at Power Yoga!

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